Our vision

When we first began planning Oaks, we aimed to create a place where we could imagine our own families growing up. We talked about the places and experiences we remembered from our childhood, especially the strong sense of community in those times.

Not satisfied with merely creating beautiful homes, we envisioned an actual village, where life revolves around family, friends and neighbours. A special place, where healthy outdoor living comes naturally and easily.

In the midst of a stunning Czech landscape, Oaks Prague will be a wonderful place to live. Yet thanks to its architecture and natural arrangement, it creates an opportunity to thrive both happily and at full speed.

We constantly consider new ways to meet your future daily needs and lifestyles. Oaks brings a standard we experienced abroad and a quality of living focused on comfort in every detail.

Robert Davies
CEO and father of five children


Nature at Oaks

Our internationally respected Swiss landscape architect, Enzo Enea, whose goal is to renew the beauty of Oaks, has plans to enhance its wild nature and characteristic atmosphere for many generations to come.

We regularly maintain the woods and landscape, including forest management and meadow-grass cutting. We also launched the reforestation of selected plots by means of which we will replace nearly double the logged area. We use native tree species for new plantings, particularly those such as oaks, birches and maples.

We reconstructed the original ponds and created new natural pools that already provide habitat for many species of plants and animals. Together with local children and their parents, we built and placed bird houses and continue to collaborate with the local hunting club in feeding forest animals.


More from Enzo Enea


Watch an interview with Enzo Enea.

Enzo Enea

For us, the challenge lies in constantly extracting the infinite aspects and perceptions of nature in order to place them within a unique architectural context. Genius Loci- the place, the way of life, and the architecture- is what inspires our designs. The garden designs have been developed as a reaction to the interior organization of each house or villa. As such, the garden becomes an extension of the indoor space, adding value to the home.

Enzo Enea, landscape architect

Best of both worlds

Oaks Prague is situated around half an hour from the centre of Prague but lies deep in the heart of beautiful, natural surroundings. This is what makes Oaks Prague unique. You have the best of both worlds; the beautiful city of Prague and the beautiful Bohemian countryside. With Prague airport only about 30 minutes away the location of Oaks Prague is ideal.

We care


We regularly maintain the forests and environment, including treatment pruning, clearing of uncultivated woodlands and grass cutting. Neglected meadows were gradually degraded and overgrown. We performed a recovery of the grassland in the valuable natural environment of the Chomutovický creek floodplain.

We care


Historical cultural landscape with a long tradition yet a modern touch creates an integral part of the Oaks Prague development and its philosophy. Chomutovický creek and its four ponds provide us with a tangible link to the history of the Nebřenice Chateau, its gardens and the surrounding woodlands. Revitalisation of these unique landscaping elements is a natural step towards recovery of the territory‘s charm, wildlife and genius loci.

We care


Oaks is a community focused project, therefore its success requires our continual cooperation, negotiation and involvement with the local community of Popovičky. We aim to build strong relationships with all our stakeholders and show that we care, because we hope that the Oaks community spirit will stretch far behind the border of the land we own.

We care


Social life and interaction is an integral part of a village lifestyle and we do our best to support that by closely cooperating with the village in organising regular public events, such as Children’s Day and carnivals, Farewell to Summer, Hunter’s Day and St Nicholas Day. Many of them were regularly organised at the Chateau.